Disco's first night after her big day!

My first night!

Super snoozy after a busy and eventful day. Started off as any other with my brothers and sisters - had some foods and then these strange people arrived and I was whisked into the house to do some paperwork.

The next minute I am popped into a travelling crate and on my way somewhere - a lovely human sat in the back with me and made me feel happier but it was a strange time.

After a few hours the car stops ad two more humans come and tell me how great I am before being introduced to Big dog. I don't think she liked me to much as she kept going upstairs whenever I came near. I will win her over soon I hope, though she is very big.

Charity dog show 

Today I entered a dog show and entered in some of the classes: best puppy, waggiest tail and best family pet. I had a great day but I only got third place in the best puppy class - how did that happen? Surely I am the best of all the rest. I did get a lovely bag of goodies though.

Best Big dog

We went to the charity dog show together today. I didn't win anything as they knew we were together but I had a great day and got lots of cuddles and admiring looks! Best of all I had some sausages that Disco wasn't allowed to have!

One bed fits all

Big dog, despite her size nails lying down on any bed - Disco on the other hand not quite an expert as yet..